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Proud Chubby Bunny: Weight loss = Humanity?  (via king-karla)

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One of the reasons I have yet to actively pursuit weight loss is because I am terrified of how differently I will be treated afterward. I’m not talking losing 20lbs either.
What people don’t tell you after their fairytale scenario of you losing an extreme amount of weight finally happens is that you are now being treated like a human being…let that set in for a second.
Now that you have lost all of this weight, you are now deserving of respect, love, attention, consideration and decency. You can now shop where they shop and find more affordable clothes that fit. You can walk around the mall and actually shop in more than two stores. You can now stand in the middle of the picture and not be cropped out. You can now go swimming without people feeling the need to stare and say shit. You can now shop for a car and not have the salesperson tell you to find a bigger car because they think you won’t be able to fit in the car you want. Your parents will stop pressuring you about losing weight every time they see you and stop telling you that you’re too fat to sit on their furniture and that you should go for a walk. You can now walk down the street with your equally thin partner and no one will mistake you for his sibling, best friend or even a stranger and try to hit on them in front of you. You can now eat in public and no one will judge you. You can now have your body treated like a meantime and not an in between time existence. You are no longer someone’s “thinspo” or before picture. Your unwanted sexual harassment or violence is now taken seriously. You can now go into public and not worry about some stranger taking unflattering pictures of you and posting them online to make fun for all to see. You can now talk about your medical problems and it’s not all attributed to your weight, (even if you had these problems at your previous size), you are now allowed to talk about starving and not having food for days on end if you’re not sure where your next meal is coming from…all of your joy, happiness, trials, struggles and your existence is now validated.
I’m terrified of that. That would essentially mean that my 24 years on this earth meant nothing until I got down to a size 12, which would be the “ideal” and “healthy” size for my frame.
How is that not scary?